Online doctor consultation allows the patient to visit a doctor while protecting their privacy. Because many patients do not want face to face appointments in critical situations, online doctor consultations provide them with easy access to physicians and make it easier for them to prioritise their wellbeing and privacy at the same time.

It helps reduce the cost of treatment, deliver quality healthcare facilities and improve their total productivity, profits and bottom line. Online doctor consultation is flexible and easy to use for those living in rural areas with busy lives.


Have you ever felt that all the waiting calls and extra tension involved in going to the doctor can be a hassle of your own — particularly if you need a referral or a refill or don't feel right about a question? When you're uncertain about a cut or burn, it would be so much better if you could only use a mobile app anywhere and book an online medical appointment.


Some Good Online Doctor Consultation Apps


Due to the ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, most people are refraining from hospitals. There are many applications available for both iOS and Android users, while you cannot physically visit a doctor at these moments, where you can get medical consultation for different conditions. Most of these applications have the option of catering to your physical wellbeing and provide easy access, if necessary, to contact licenced mental health providers.

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Some of the best healthcare apps for online doctor consultation are:


  1. Bajaj Finserv Health
  2. Practo App
  3. Tata Health App
  4. DocOn App
  5. Lybrate App


At least some telehealth facilities are already offered by most insurers, and many are expanding their telehealth coverage at present. Review the description of health care coverage or contact your provider to determine if telehealth services are covered by your package.