Gone are the days when lab tests meant booking a separate appointment at a pathology lab, going for the tests, and again paying them a visit to collect the test reports. All in all, it may have taken at least three trips to the path lab for even simple lab tests. However, with the introduction of pathological testing applications, the task has become much more straightforward.


While online doctor consultation in India is becoming popular, people are also looking for options to ease the hassle of lab tests and when it comes to an all-in-one option, then Bajaj Finserv Health emerges as the top contender among all such applications. Bajaj Finserv Health is a 24-hour medical consultation and appointment booking app, and it offers testing and pharmacy services at your fingertips. H


ere are the reasons why Bajaj Finserv is the best place for online lab tests:


     The application offers over fifteen specialties in various fields like general physiology, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, etc.

     You don’t have to search for doctors of path labs on your own, and you can simply search ‘hospital near me’ and get the desired results.


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     You can schedule the appointments without even making a call and only by a few clicks.

     An option for safe storage of doctor prescriptions and lab tests is available, and you don’t have to rely on the hard copies for future references.

     You can set medicine and lab test reminders and also read blogs related to health and fitness.


Apart from the above features, you also get an option to buy health insurance plans, and you can also talk with an AI-based virtual nurse.




The field of virtual health care is undergoing a revolutionary change as services like doctor consultation, medicine delivery, and pathological tests, etc., are directly available on your doorsteps. All you need is a smartphone and the internet!